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DK: Se nærmere om arbejdsområder her (forskere/undervisere) og her (administration. Link til beskrivelser i KU's intranet). Se oversigt over det administrative personale her.

English: See list of the administrative staff here.

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Andersen, John EdelsgaardHead of department  +45 353-28317E-mail
Andersen, Nina MøllerAssociate professor Danish, language +45 353-28383E-mail
Andresen, Casper LindbladStudent assistant  +45 353-36011E-mail
Arnfast, Juni SøderbergAssociate professor Danish, language +45 353-29309E-mail
Auken, SuneAssociate professor Danish, literature +45 21 53 23 22E-mail
Behrendt, PoulAssociate professor emeritus Danish, literature +45 353-28358E-mail
Biering, Karsten GeorgAssociate professor emeritus Danish, studies of working-class culture +45 353-34761E-mail
Bissenbakker, MonsAssociate professor Gender studies +45 353-35923E-mail
Blicher, HenrikAssociate professor Danish, literature +45 353-28315E-mail
Bojsen-Møller, MariePart-time lecturer Danish, language +45 353-35949E-mail
Boye, KasperAssociate professor Linguistics +45 353-28654E-mail
Bredsdorff, ThomasProfessor emeritus Danish, literature +45 353-31133E-mail
Bruun, HenriettePart-time lecturer Danish, language +45 353-31334E-mail
Brynskov, CeciliaPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics +45 353-35946E-mail
Bunch, MadsAssistant professor Danish, literature +45 353-28391E-mail
Byvald, KimPart-time lecturer Danish, literature +45 353-35944E-mail
Christensen, Anne MiddelboePart-time lecturer Danish, cultural communication +45 353-28367E-mail
Christensen, Line HjorthAssociate professor Danish, cultural communication +45 353-35922E-mail
Christensen, Lone GregorPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics +45 353-33979E-mail
Christensen, Rikke VangAssociate professor Audiologopedics +45 353-28310E-mail
Christensen, Tanya KaroliAssociate professor Danish, language +45 353-28493E-mail
Christiansen, Hans Chr.Part-time lecturer Danish, media studies +45 353-31286E-mail
Christiansen, Niels FinnAssociate professor emeritus Danish, studies in welfare and working-class culture +45 353-30331
Christoffersen, Mie BligaardPart-time lecturer Danish, language +45 353-37940E-mail
Cigana, LorenzoGuest researcher Linguistics  E-mail
Dalberg, LinePart-time lecturer Linguistics +45 353-36462E-mail
Danielsson, LindaAdministrative officer Economy and recruitment +45 353-35789E-mail
Daugaard, Hanne TrebbienPostdoc Audiologopedics +45 353-28389E-mail
Due, Brian LystgaardAssistant professor Danish, communication +45 353-35929E-mail
Duncker, DortheAssociate professor, deputy head of department Danish, language +45 353-28374E-mail
Elbro, CarstenProfessor Audiologopedics +45 353-28656E-mail
Engberg-Pedersen, ElisabethProfessor Linguistics +45 353-28664E-mail
Engmose, Stine FuglsangIndustrial PhD Audiologopedics +45 353-32999E-mail
Eskeland, Tuula KaarinaEmerita Finnish studies +45 353-30351E-mail
Fausing, BentAssociate professor Danish, media studies +45 353-28372E-mail
Fortescue, Michael DavidProfessor emeritus Linguistics  E-mail
Fosgerau, Christina FogtmannAssociate professor Psychology of Language +45 353-28642E-mail
Frandsen, JesperLibrary staff Lending and guidance, the Nordic and Linguistic collection +45 353-29324E-mail
Gellert, Anna SteenbergAssociate professor Audiologopedics +45 353-28166E-mail
Gravengaard, GitteAssociate professor Danish, communication +45 353-28649E-mail
Gregersen, FransProfessor Danish language, sociolinguistics +45 353-28354E-mail
Grønnum, NinaEmerita Linguistics +45 353-37966E-mail
Haastrup, Helle KannikAssociate professor Danish, media studies +45 353-28361E-mail
Hagel-Sørensen, AnetteEmerita Danish, Danish as a second and foreign language +45 353-35953E-mail
Hansen, Gert FogetCoordination officer  +45 353-35997E-mail
Hansen, Kristina LykkePart-time lecturer Danish, media +45 353-35926E-mail
Hartling, Anna SofiePhD student The project Danish voices in USA/Argentina +45 353-31354E-mail
Hassert, Liv OttoIndustrial PhD Danish, communication +45 353-28318E-mail
Hastrup, AnneAcademic administrative officer Secretary for the Board of Studies, panel of employer representatives +45 353-34847E-mail
Hauer, KristianeIndustrial PhD Danish, literature pedagogy +45 353-37965E-mail
Haugan, JørgenAssociate professor emeritus Danish, literature +45 353-35919E-mail
Hedensted, Patrick JimStudent adviser International counselling +45 353-34143E-mail
Henriksen, LinePart-time lecturer Gender Studies +45 353-35408E-mail
Hermann, JesperAssociate professor emeritus Psychology of Language +45 353-35941E-mail
Hertel, HansProfessor emeritus Danish, literature +45 353-30353E-mail
Huniche, Bo SteenPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics  E-mail
Hyllested, AdamPart-time lecturer Indo-European studies +45 353-29334E-mail
Høyer, TinaProgramme secretary Study administration +45 353-35795E-mail
Iwarsson, JennyAssociate professor Audiologopedics +45 353-29100E-mail
Jakobsen, KirstenClerical officer  +45 353-28379E-mail
Jeholm, SofiePhD student Gender studies +45 353-35189E-mail
Jelsbak, TorbenAssociate professor Danish, literature +45 353-31224E-mail
Jensen, Lise RandrupAssociate professor Audiologopedics +45 353-28670E-mail
Jensen, Torben JuelAssociate professor, head of study board Danish, language +45 353-28495E-mail
Jespersen, Nikoline KammersgaardAcademic administrative officer Study adm. (Danish MA-studies) Danish language courses +45 353-28573E-mail
Johansen, Ditte Kristine SøbækPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics  E-mail
Johansen, Rikke BarnekovAdministrative officer Study adm. (other studies than Danish), course schedule, KUnet +45 353-37564E-mail
Johnson, James AlanPostdoc Indo-European studies +45 353-31098E-mail
Juul, HolgerAssociate professor Audiologopedics +45 353-29132E-mail
Jørgensen, BoPart-time lecturer Danish, literature +45 353-29301E-mail
Jørgensen, John ChristianAssociate professor emeritus Danish, cultural communication +45 353-28330E-mail
Jørgensen, Line DahlPhD student Audiologopedics +45 353-35948E-mail
Karrebæk, Martha SifAssociate professor Danish, language +45 353-29400E-mail
Kirilova, MartaResearch assistant Danish, language +45 353-30329E-mail
Kjøller, KlausAssociate professor emeritus Danish, communication +45 353-28353E-mail
Kondrup, JohnnyProfessor Danish, literature +45 353-28363E-mail
Kristensen, Line BurholtPostdoc Linguistics, the project PROGRAM +45 353-28122E-mail
Kroonen, GuusAssociate professor Indo-European studies +45 353-28370E-mail
Kuada, Esi ChristineStudent adviser  +45 353-28094E-mail
Kühl, KarolineAssociate professor The project Danish voices in USA/Argentina +45 353-35739E-mail
Lachtane, Lis JytteAdministrative officer Administrative support +45 353-28574E-mail
Lange, Simon BierringPhD fellow Danish, communication +45 353-37943E-mail
Lauridsen, Palle SchantzAssociate professor Danish, media studies +45 353-28369E-mail
Lemée, Pernille SteensbechPart-time lecturer Danish, communication +45 353-34303E-mail
Lindell, JohannaPart-time lecturer Language Psychology +45 353-28384E-mail
Lundorf, Carina Kauffmann NielsenClerical officer  +45 353-28252E-mail
Lundqvist, UllaPhD student Danish, language +45 353-29305E-mail
Madsen, Lea MonicaAdministrative student  +45 353-33308E-mail
Madsen, Lian MalaiAssociate professor Language Psychology +45 353-28319E-mail
Martinez Ferreiro, SilviaPostdoc Linguistics, the project PROGRAM +45 353-34462E-mail
Morris, David JacksonPostdoc Audiologopedics +45 353-28660E-mail
Møller, Kimi NinaPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics +45 353-31876E-mail
Nielsen, Ann Merrit RikkePhD fellow Danish, Communication +45 353-37181E-mail
Nielsen, Anne-Marie VidebækAcademic student and careers adviser  +45 353-36989E-mail
Nielsen, Anne-Mette VeberPostdoc Audiologopedics +45 353-28669E-mail
Nielsen, Annesofie IshøyPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics  E-mail
Nielsen, Erik AkselProfessor emeritus. Danish, literature +45 51 31 71 12E-mail
Nielsen, Helle TrøstDepartment administrator  +45 353-26091E-mail
Nielsen, Jan Heikki AhtolaPart-time lecturer Finnish studies +45 353-35947E-mail
Nielsen, Louise YungPart-time lecturer Danish, media studies +45 26 80 40 09E-mail
Nielsen, Mie FemøProfessor Danish, communication +45 353-28356E-mail
Nielsen, PerPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics  E-mail
Nielsen, Søren BeckAssociate professor Psychology of Language +45 353-35950E-mail
Nissen, Bjarne DammsboPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics +45 353-36229E-mail
Nissen, Camilla Falk RønnePhD student Danish, language +45 353-36377E-mail
Nyboe, Jacob ØlgaardPhD student Danish, literature +45 353-28347E-mail
Nørreby, Thomas RørbeckPhD student Danish, language +45 353-35951E-mail
Olander, ThomasAssociate professor Indo-European +45 353-35937E-mail
Olesen, MogensAssociate professor Danish, media studies +45 353-28357E-mail
Olsen, Marta KarolinaPart-time lecturer Danish, Communication +45 353-30121E-mail
Ostenfeld, DorteAcademic administrative officer Secretary for Head of studies, coord. of Danish as study field +45 353-28313E-mail
Pedersen, Hanne SæderupPhD student Psychology of Language +45 353-28336E-mail
Pedersen, Solveig GunvorPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics  E-mail
Pedersen, VibekeEmerita Gender Studies and Danish, media studies +45 353-34807E-mail
Perregaard, BettinaAssociate professor Danish, language +45 353-28373E-mail
Petersen, Jan HeegårdAssociate professor The project Danish voices in USA/Argentina +45 353-35933E-mail
Petersen, Niels ReinholtPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics +45 353-37942E-mail
Pharao, NicolaiAssociate professor Linguistics +45 353-28647E-mail
Poulsen, MadsAssociate professor Audiologopedics +45 353-29131E-mail
Päiviö, Pia-MariaAssociate professor Finnish studies +45 353-28568E-mail
Rasmussen, Anders FerdalPart-time lecturer Danish, Communication +45 353-35308E-mail
Rasmussen, Jan AagePart-time lecturer Danish, literature +45 353-35943E-mail
Rasmussen, Krista Stinne GreveResearch assistant Research assistant +45 353-28350E-mail
Rasmussen, RenéAssociate professor Danish, literature +45 353-28388E-mail
Rasmussen (Olsen), Birgit AnetteProfessor with special responsibilities Indo-European studies +45 353-28637E-mail
Rose, GittePart-time lecturer Danish, media studies +45 353-31211E-mail
Rosenbeck, BenteEmerita Gender studies +45 353-28346E-mail
Rosenmeier, Lise BjørnProgramme secretary Study administration. Course schedule +45 353-28376E-mail
Rosiek, JanProfessor Danish, literature +45 353-28349E-mail
Rosing, Susanne Steen NemholtPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics  E-mail
Ruus, HanneProfessor Danish, language +45 353-28368E-mail
Sahlin, Johan GeorgPart-time lecturer Danish: swedish language and literature +45 353-28352E-mail
Schachtenhaufen, RubenResearch assistant Linguistics +45 353-34682E-mail
Schøning, Signe Wedel  +45 353-28499E-mail
Serangeli, MatildePostdoc Indo-European studies +45 353-36528E-mail
Sigurdardottir, AlfrunStudent adviser  +45 353-33752E-mail
Skriver, SvendAssociate professor Danish, literature +45 353-28345E-mail
Skyum-Nielsen, ErikAssociate professor Danish, literature +45 353-29308E-mail
Sloth, MortenPart-time lecturer Danish, communication +45 353-35921E-mail
Smedegaard, AnnePart-time lecturer Danish language +45 353-28332E-mail
Sonne, Sophie EngbergPart-time lecturer Danish, media +45 353-32787E-mail
Steenslev, Trine Bjørg SvareAcademic administrative officer Research support, secretary for the Research Committee +45 353-35774E-mail
Stidsen, Marianne SøgaardAssociate professor Danish, literature +45 353-28340E-mail
Svanov, Gitte HelenaPart-time lecturer Finnish studies +45 353-29322E-mail
Svensson, Tine MarieSecretary Reception desk. Secretary of collaboration committee +45 353-28385E-mail
Søborg, Tobias MosbækPhD student Indo-European +45 353-32277E-mail
Søndergaard, YngvePart-time lecturer Danish, language +45 353-35952E-mail
Sørensen, Amalie KjerstadStudent adviser  +45 353-34157E-mail
Sørensen, Marie-Louise LindPhD student Linguistics +45 353-30502E-mail
Thielke, JanPart-time lecturer Danish, cultural communication +45 353-35930E-mail
Thielke, Katrine MølgaardPart-time lecturer Danish, Communication +45 353-35577E-mail
Thrane, LotteEmerita Danish, literature +45 353-30369E-mail
Thøgersen, JacobAssociate professor Psychology of Language +45 353-35749E-mail
Tinkus, KristiAcademic Officer  +45 353-25345E-mail
Toft, Thomas Lehman WaabenPhD student Danish, communication +45 353-32613E-mail
Tving, AllanPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics  E-mail
Tøndering, JohnAssociate professor, head of studies Linguistics +45 353-28652E-mail
Ulbæk, IbAssociate professor Danish, language +45 353-28360E-mail
Veng, SelinaInstructor Linguistic +45 353-31179E-mail
Wentzel, Knud HøgsbergAssociate professor emeritus Danish, literature +45 353-30371E-mail
Whitehead, Benedicte NielsenAcademic Officer Indo-European studies  E-mail
Willadsen, ElisabethProfessor with special responsibilities Audiologopedics +45 353-28653E-mail
Willaing, SusanneLibrarian Lending and guidance, the Nordic collection. Instruction in information search +45 353-28673E-mail
Yde, Jesper BorchorstPart-time lecturer Audiologopedics  E-mail
Zeuthen, Louise EgedeAssociate professor Danish, literature +45 353-35928E-mail
Øhrstrøm, CharlottePostdoc Danish, Danish as a second and foreign language +45 353-28409E-mail
Østergaard, AndersPart-time lecturer Danish, literature +45 353-28331E-mail