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The administrative staff’s communicative tasks are varied and wide-ranging. Several researchers disseminate their research-based knowledge via:

  • Newspapers, radio and television;
  • Assignments as organisers, lecturers and teachers at Folkeuniversitetet (‘Public University’) and for supplementary training;
  • Authorships and consultantships at publishing companies, as well as projects to publish specialised knowledge, and award committees;
  • Membership of ministerial boards, councils and committees, whereby their research is adapted to the work of these fora.

The range covered is described in more detail in the Department’s communication strategy, which sets out goals for the aforementioned areas, as well as for the promotion of studies, innovation and cooperation with the business community and university colleges (strategy only in Danish).

Each researcher’s dissemination activities are listed on their profile page under Staff.

Furthermore the research is communicated via research events: