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The Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics provides the setting for international research and education from BA studies to PhD programmes within language, literature, media, culture and gender studies.



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  • Digital traces on paper


    New Ph.D. thesis gives a nuanced insight into young students´digital literacy and an educational system in transition from printed to digital text standards. In her thesis “Digital traces on paper“ Mie Bligaard»

  • How do people create meaning when they communicate?


    New PhD dissertation investigates how people create meaning when communicating in general and when communicating about unprotected intercourse in particular. In his Ph.D thesis “Linguistic signification in theory and»

  • Prize paper from DNSL honored at the Annual Commemoration 2016


    At the University's Annual Commemoration on 18 November 2016, the University awarded six gold medals and five silver medals to students who wrote the best papers in response to the prize paper assignments set by the»

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