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Brynskov, CeciliaPart-time lecturer +45 353-35946E-mail
Christensen, Lone GregorPart-time lecturer +45 353-33979E-mail
Christensen, Rikke VangAssociate professor +45 353-28310E-mail
Daugaard, Hanne TrebbienPostdoc +45 353-28389E-mail
Elbro, CarstenProfessor +45 353-28656E-mail
Engmose, Stine FuglsangIndustrial PhD +45 353-32999E-mail
Gellert, Anna SteenbergAssociate professor +45 353-28166E-mail
Huniche, Bo SteenPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Iwarsson, JennyAssociate professor +45 353-29100E-mail
Jensen, Lise RandrupAssociate professor +45 353-28670E-mail
Johansen, Ditte Kristine SøbækPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Juul, HolgerAssociate professor +45 353-29132E-mail
Jørgensen, Line DahlPhD student +45 353-35948E-mail
Morris, David JacksonPostdoc +45 353-28660E-mail
Møller, Kimi NinaPart-time lecturer +45 353-31876E-mail
Nielsen, Anne-Mette VeberPostdoc +45 353-28669E-mail
Nielsen, Annesofie IshøyPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Nielsen, PerPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Nissen, Bjarne DammsboPart-time lecturer +45 353-36229E-mail
Pedersen, Solveig GunvorPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Petersen, Niels ReinholtPart-time lecturer +45 353-37942E-mail
Poulsen, MadsAssociate professor +45 353-29131E-mail
Rosing, Susanne Steen NemholtPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Tving, AllanPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Veng, SelinaInstructor +45 353-31179E-mail
Willadsen, ElisabethProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-28653E-mail
Yde, Jesper BorchorstPart-time lecturer  E-mail